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Walk Reports Page 4

Sunshine on Slebech with Lena Arnold

17 Pembrokeshire Ramblers set out from the car park overlooking the A40 at Canaston Bridge on Saturday morning, 7th July 2018, for a circular walk via Slebech Park. The first section of the walk was along the multiuser track and the walkers were glad of the shade offered by the overhead trees. On reaching the shoreline at Slebech Park the walkers took the anti-clockwise route along the permissive path network that PCNP, with permission from the park owners, had opened up.

After a short walk along the driveway the signed route is through fields and Oxland Woods to the reed beds on the shoreline. From here the path passes through the walled garden to the ruined church overlooking the river where lunch was taken in the shade of the church yard. After lunch the group split into two, with those wishing to take the shorter seven mile walk re tracing there steps along the multiuser track back to the start point.

The remaining walkers who had opted for the nine mile walk followed the signed route up to the A40 at Slebech.  After carefully crossing the very busy main road the route continued along farm tracks, quiet country lanes and fields back to the start point by 3pm. The walk was enjoyed by all and those who wished adjourned to the Bush Inn for well- earned refreshments and to watch the England game against Sweden.

Text by Lena Arnold and images by John Reeves.

A walk from St Brides to Little Haven with George Allingham

On Saturday 14th July a group of 18 Pembrokeshire Ramblers braved the glorious sunshine to pick up the Puffin Shuttle at St. Brides and walk back from Little Haven, a distance of 5½ miles.   It was a glorious day with a refreshing (slightly) breeze from the sea. Occasionally the path would be enveloped in a blast of hot air as the sloping rock face below heated up and the consequent blanket of hot air rose. 

The path was quite well used and the walk leader, George Allingham, established that fellow walkers had come from Sweden, the Netherlands, Paris and Penrith.    Four seals were seen basking on the Howney Stone.  As well as passing Ticklas Point the group took in Brandy Bay, Dutch Gin, Foxes’ Hole and Mill Haven which provided a point to sit and admire the view at sea level. 

Then only Halfway Rock, Warey Haven and The Falls featured on the map before returning to St. Brides Haven, and it’s very busy car park.  There was much comment on the clarity of the water and the sweeping panorama all the way round, and across to St. Davids, and Ramsey Island, as well as the wonderful sight of watching a seal diving through the seaweed.     

Text and images by George Allingham